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How Professional Hardscaping (Landscaping) Helps Your Business Succeed

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is simply any permanent feature on your property that is not a living thing.  This can be something elaborate like a courtyard with a fountain and lots of seating or a basic walkway to your front door.  Your hardscape can serve a basic function like provide outdoor seating for your employees or it can create a grand statement to attract new customers.

Hardscape is the term used in the practice of landscape design to refer to built aspects of the landscape. Hardscapes are naturally low-maintenance and can also be utilized for reducing or eliminating erosion. Some popular hardscaping features are staircases, fountains, pools, fireplaces or fire pits, pavers and stonework, retaining walls, and more. These features can be used to enhance the natural living aspects of your landscape design, like gardens and trees.

A hardscape design can also include some unique features like gazebos, pergolas, arbors, statues, sculptures, ponds, and small bridges.  When it comes to designing your hardscape, your only limitation is your imagination. 

Why You Should Consider Hardscaping for your Business

Improved Safety:

At a the most fundamental, level hardscaping enhances the safety and accessibility on and around your commercial property. By creating well-constructed and maintained walkways around your property you are reducing occurrence of tripping and falling by staff, visitors, and customers. Proper landscaping and property management may also help your bottom line through lower insurance premiums.

Enhanced Security:

Security can also be enhanced by creating defined walkways that guide foot traffic to proper entrances and areas of your property. These pathways also clearly communicating areas that are off limits.

Reduction of Natural Elements Threats:

Professional HardscapingCompany, JRC Landscaping, can assess your property and create a custom design that accounts for a variety of issues and proactively plan for issues like proper water run-off and drainage.  Incorporating these factors properly can reduce future maintenance costs caused by poor drainage, heaving and ice damage. Snow removal and salting costs can also be reduced due to proper drainage planning, so incidents of ice and storm debris damage are reduced or eliminated all together.

Making A Great First Impression:

Investing in the exterior of your property demonstrates a true pride of ownership and makes a positive first impression. It shows that you care about your business and the area around your business. Investing in and maintaining proper commercial hardscaping will increase your curb appeal and property value.

Good hardscaping/landscaping is all about creating a space that reflects your business goals and meets the functional needs of the property.  Your hardscape elements will enhance and improve the look and design of your property while increasing your property value.  Because it is made up of permanent features, your hardscape will hold up to harsh weather for many years which is why it is a cost-effective investment in your commercial property.  Creative hardscaping provides an attractive and functional canvas for an eye-catching array of plants and flowers to create a unique and lasting impression of your company.

Here are some popular hardscaping elements that can resolve issues and add unique benefit to your business:

 Retaining Walls

Retaining walls score high marks for beauty and function.  They tame uneven or sloping spaces into a functional gathering space or garden beds or walking paths.  The range of materials that can be used can add color, texture or give your property a sleek, professional look.  Need more parking for customers and staff?  Retaining walls can help you expand your usable space to expand your parking area.

Storm water runoff can be a difficult problem for commercial properties and can cause flooding and best practices compliance problems.  Retaining walls help control or direct storm water runoff and control soil erosion that can damage your plants and gardens and cause heaving and uneven walkways.


Adding stone pavers are a great way to add some personality to your commercial landscape.  Paving stones come in various shapes, colors, textures, and materials that allow you to create attractive designs and patterns that will give your property style.  They are durable and require little maintenance and when installed by a professional, your paving stones will be a smooth, safe surface for your customers to walk on for many years to come.

Patios and Courtyards

Having a patio or courtyard can have many benefits.  Patio areas are generally fairly low maintenance.  Wherever you have hardscaped areas, you do not have to mow, fertilize, or apply pest control and you will save on water too.  This can also result in lower maintenance costs as your property management company may not have to spend as much time working on your property.

Seating areas are also welcoming gathering places for potential customers.  Without them, those customers may simply walk by without noticing your business. An outside seating area is a great place to conduct a relaxed business meeting, make phone calls or host team-building activities.

Hardscaping and landscaping for commercial properties just makes good business sense because you are promoting, protecting, and investing in your operation.  And proactive management like that can lead to cost reductions and an increased bottom line.

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