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JRC Landscaping and Snow Removal Tips Section


We will be adding articles on a variety of topics dealing with landscape design issues, lawn care know-how &

yard maintenance tips.  Check back often for the latest installments.

How to Choose the Landscape Company that is Right for You?

So, you’ve decided to hire a landscaping company to design and build your landscape project – great!  Now you will need to choose the landscape company that best meets your requirements – what’s the best way to do that?  There are a few general rules of thumb that you...

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Beauty and Function in Cottage Landscaping Projects

Landscaping projects aren’t just for city homes, cottagers are now seeing the value of landscaping to protect and enhance their getaway homes in cottage country. The advances in new products and landscape techniques have presented cottage owners with exciting new...

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I’m Listing My House: How Do I Improve its Curb Appeal?

When getting ready to sell your home most people think about how to make the inside of the home look appealing to potential buyers. What many overlook is the importance of the first impression – curb appeal! Giving your home a curb facelift can bring more buyers...

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Do You Have Drainage Issues In Your Yard?

Here are some attractive landscaping solutions! Drainage issues are one of the biggest headaches for homeowners. Wayward water, either running or still, can do a surprising amount of damage to lawns, patios, decks and foundations. It isn’t all bad news though, it is...

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This Year’s Hottest Trends in Landscaping

Over the past few years homeowners have taken landscaping to new heights and 2019 is no exception!  The hottest trends in landscaping are more exciting that ever.  Let’s get inspired by looking at the top new trends for this year:Small Garden CelebrationSmall yards...

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