Both Beauty and Function Are Important When Planning Out Your Landscape Project

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We love the fact that EVERY client project is entirely unique! The process of helping our customers to fully flesh out the look, feel and functions of their project is one we take seriously. Our team can assist you throughout the planning process and make suggestions on which sort of materials would work best to deliver the look and function you are envisioning.

This project involved rethinking and re-purposing the entire backyard space of this home. The owners wanted to create a fluid visual feel and selected a landscape stone that could be used throughout the front and back yards. They wanted a stone that made a strong visual impact, but also allowed for the creation of softer, more flowing lines.

This customer wanted their yard to be an inviting space that offered distinct, cloistered areas that could be hived off to offer different functions: barbecue and dining area, quiet reading space and a group conversational area with a fire table that would allow gatherings to linger on into the twilight hours as the fire’s warmth keeps guests warm and bug free. The remaining space was sculpted into undulating gardens that were dug and prepared to naturally blend with custom stone patio spaces. Fresh sod was laid to create a lush offset to this backyard oasis!

The gardens were readied for planting. While selection and planting are services we offer, this homeowner was keen to put her own personal touch into the final elements of this space by selecting and planting the flowers, bushes and ground covers that would complement the serenity of this tranquil space.

 Have a look at the result!  Watch the project tour video now…


JRC Landscaping and Property Management has been creating unique landscape creations for customers in Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Bowmanville, Scarborough and the GTA for over 15 years.  We even create custom designs and solutions for our client’s cottages!

JRC also provides a full suite of Commercial Landscaping services to our ICI clients.  

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