Do You Have Drainage Issues In Your Yard?

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Here are some attractive landscaping solutions!

Drainage issues are one of the biggest headaches for homeowners. Wayward water, either running or still, can do a surprising amount of damage to lawns, patios, decks and foundations. It isn’t all bad news though, it is possible to solve water, flooding and drainage issues with innovative and strategic landscaping! A skilled landscaping company can work with you to design your project with beauty and function in mind.

This is what JRC Landscaping company did for a client in Ajax, Ontario. Homeowner, Burnette contacted us because she was having problems with water pooling in her back yard, rendering a lot of it unusable for her family.

In order to address these issues JRC Landscaping created a project design that eliminated Burnette’s flooding issues and provided Burnette and her family a wonderful new outdoor living space via an attractive, custom stone patio. Added drainage solutions and a matching stone walkway bordered with beach rock was installed along both sides of the house, giving a harmonious look to the entire backyard. A large rock garden was added at the back of the yard, as a showcase focal feature, where Burnette can plant her favourite flowers and plants. Now friends and family can step out the back door onto this lovely custom stone patio and enjoy this now inviting lovely backyard!

If you are considering a landscape project, it’s a good idea to give some thought to other projects you might do in the future because you could realize some cost savings by having some or all those future projects done at the same time. You may save a few dollars because the landscape team, the materials and their equipment are already on-site at current price tags. If you do have future projects in mind, why not ask for a quote with the project components itemized so you can determine if any multi-project savings might be possible.

Another benefit is that you are assured of getting the same type of materials, such as patio stone, where the style and colour offerings can differ from year to year. It would be disappointing to find that the materials you want are no longer available when you want to do your project down the road. Some food for thought…

A shrewd homeowner, Burnette understood these benefits and chose to also landscape the front of her house. The entrance to her house had become overgrown by bushes and shrubs. The JRC Landscaping team cleared out the unwanted foliage, exposing beautiful front steps and a lovely porch! They installed a matching stone border to eliminate edging and other garden maintenance issues for Burnette.

This entry face lift was further enhanced painting the steps with an exterior paint and finishing them with a natural stone coping. To finish off the project our team installed a new porch railing to compliment Burnette’s charming revitalized porch and entryway.

We are happy to report that this Ajax family is enjoying the shade of their refreshed porch entry and relaxing in their tranquil backyard living space!

 The JRC Landscaping Team

For over 15 years, JRC Landscaping has been providing top quality Landscaping and Hardscaping services to residential and commercial clients throughout Durham Region, the GTA and cottage country!  If you need landscaping and you want outstanding quality, service and value call JRC Landscaping today.

We had our walkway done by JRC and  they did an amazing job!  Everything was done quickly and professionally. 

We are VERY happy with the results!

Jess from Oshawa - Happy Landscaping Client